Saturday, September 17, 2011

a ribbon flag banner tutorial from Petrina

For me the holidays are here so I am pretty keen to spend some quality time in my craft room...once I clean it up! I managed to find my desk under the mess this morning though, and get this little tutorial and layout finished before the real clean-up starts.
I actually already had a layout waiting for some final touches so decided to create my own banner for the top.
I chose ribbons to match the layout - as well as some jute braid as a 'rope' for the banner.

Scraps of ribbon were cut (approx. 3-5cm each) and laid across my 'rope'. The ribbons are right side up and the 'rope' is actually wrong side up.
 These were held in place with masking tape in preparation for machine stitching.
I find that the masking tape isn't too tacky to gum up your machine needle, but ordinary sticky tape is probably even better (oh yes, I really do need to clean up my craft room so I can find stuff!!). Just stitch along the tape and your ribbon scraps will be held fast.
 Tear off the tape - don't worry if it is a bit messy - this is the back.
 Now you will turn over the whole thing and fold the ribbons down to form the banner.
 You could tape this down again to hold it in place while you stitch it but I found it was easy enough to hold them with your fingers because they are secured already to the back.
 Ta-da! The finished banner.
 And here it is on the layout:
You can click on that image to make it a little larger if you would like to see the detail.

......and to give you a bit of a teaser....this is a little peek at the layout where I first made this ribbon flag banner. It's part of a special celebration event for next month - you'll have to come back in a couple of weeks to see!!


  1. This is such a great idea Petrina, Thanks a bunch for showing us all how to do it!!!

  2. Gorgeous LO, Petrina, & thanks for sharing how you made the banner :)

  3. FAB idea Petrina and FAB tutorial, you make it look so easy and creative. LOVE the layouts with the banners, they look so perfect! TFS!