Thursday, November 17, 2011

Starting a December Daily.

Hi there!
Kim reporting for duty...hehehe!

 I here some of you saying what is a December Daily????
A December Daily is a daily photo journal for the month of December....some people choose just to take it to Christmas day but others carry it right through till the end of the year.

 Have a look the master of such projects, and to get an idea of what it's all about.

Now, since I have rather a large brood, December Daily helps to get me, some christmas mojo....which sometimes I lack....but so need...(if I don't make it one else will...oh! the ).

 Now onto What you'll need

 a folder or album cover ( it's up to you what size etc)
I used a small 8"x6" one last year but I found it too restrictive, so this year I've purchased one of these from Officeworks. A4, 2 ring binder. Then I covered it with gesso (2 coats).

I'm not sure just yet what I'm going to do on the front... (keep you in suspence) ?????
 Next I sourced some gorgeous supplies and also looked through what I already had.
How yummy does all that look....drool! I've tried to stick with more traditional colours but you can do what ever takes your fancy.
 I plan to use a mix of homemade stamped transparencies ( made with Stazon Ink and some wonderful christmas stamps, also Darkroom Door background stamps) and some of the Collections Transparency range....and just adding a bit of this and that, to make it look special.
 I am also using calico on some of my pages.
[ days/pages 1-6 ]
 You will also need cardstock or patterened paper cut to your required size ( for each day of the album) can purchase transparency film in a pack of 20 sheets from newsagency's or office supply shops. It is a bit pricee but you get a really good effect.
 Also a hole punch.
 With the cardstock I have gone into microsoft word and just created a simple boarder then added 2 text boxes on the lower portion of the page for journalling (larger box) then just added the name of the day in the smaller box. Best to just fiddle around and workout what you like and fits your pages.....I suggest you just print a sample onto plain paper before using your cardstock.....freehand boarders look pretty smart as well.

 I've done alot of machine stitching as well on mine as I just love the look....
Okay ladies I've hogged the Blog enough today.....
If you have any questions please ask and I'll try to help...
Most of the products I have used are available in the Craftqueen shop.....If you do take part in December Daily...have fun!! 
I will be back in day or so with some more of my pages....Keep happy  

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