Tuesday, January 24, 2012

One design - 4 cards

Hi everyone,
A quick post today to show you 4 cards I've made all with the one design. This is a really efficient way to make cards. To mix things up I've used different paper and embellishments and moved elements around however the core design is the same.
This is the standard design, a wide paper strip at the bottom with layered ribbon over the top.  The greeting and the flowers remain in the centre.

Products Used:
Floral Ribbon Spring Flowers
Pearl Ribbon
All I've done in this one is flipped the design so that the feature is at the top.

Products used:
Red and Pink Elephant Ribbon
Pearl Ribbon small white flower

This one the feature is slightly more centred and I've used a circle rather than square/rectangle and no greeting but a larger single flower instead.

Products used:
Pleated Satin ribbon
Lemon and Pink Butterfly Ribbon

and a vertical version...

Products used:
Tape Measure
Wooden Buttons
and all 4 also usePaper Flowers
These 4 took me about an hour - so 15 min each which is pretty fast for me - why not collect some of those paper scraps floating around your work space and some Craft Queen ribbon and give this a go :)

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  1. Just love these cards Gwen, very pretty, very clever!