Monday, November 19, 2012

Win a copy of 'Crafty Girls Talk'

Crafty Girls Talk is a collection of interviews of women who craft for fun, for profit and for others.

Each of the 20 stories explores the crafty girl's world, what they make and where they have taken their passion for creating.

Meet the women who:

- lead textiles tours to France and China
- have created crafty businesses, big and small, from home
- are amazing fabric, pattern and needlework designers
- bring a little bit of knitted love to those in need.

Crafty Girls Talk includes gorgeous photographs of the crafty girls and their creativity.

This Kindle edition of Crafty Girls Talk also has a bonus interview making 21 interviews.

The print edition has 20 interviews in total with full color photographs and illustration, including an interview with Nicole from Craft Queen. You can purchase the book
here. The link to the competition will not work :-( so I suggest googling it! Sorry!

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